A Wonderful Twist Of Fate.

My lovely Husband and I have been together for 23 years, married for almost 20 years, but sadly we were not able to have children of our own.  Isn’t life funny how things can turn out though.  Almost 15 years ago I took a job as a Personal Assistant to a very decent man who ran several companies,  and I also became his wife’s assistant along the way.  They are a lovely family with 3 daughters, at the time I took the job the girls were very young, 8, 6 and 3 years old.  Over the years I became very involved with the girls, I would do school runs, take them to after school activities etc…   Although their parents are very wealthy, they didn’t spoil the children, which has made for very lovely young ladies all these years later.

I have such wonderful memories, I was lucky enough to go to their French villa many summers to look after the girls for a week, we had such lovely times.  I made up lots of fun activities, from table tennis competitions to water polo and we even made a short movie, well a funny little 5 minute clip, such a funny story…… I found one of those pool floats that looks like a noodle, it was broken, the outside was a peach colour and the inside was reddish, I made the girls laugh when I said it looked like an arm in half, so we came up with the idea of making a scene, similar to the movie Jaws, the youngest girl got in the pool and pretended to wrestle the inflatable crocodile, then stuck the broken noodle into the arm of her t-shirt and waved it around screaming! well I don’t know how we made the clip for laughing, I was crying.  One of the older sisters did a bit of clever editing, put music to it and titles and loaded it on You Tube, that was at least 12 years ago and I still smile when I think of the fun we had making it!.

I used to be up first in the morning, so I would go down to the bakery for fresh bread and croissants, I would also buy the girls a beautiful little cake each, because every evening after dinner we would settle down in front of the TV and wade our way through whichever box set they wanted, I seem to remember one year we did the entire X-Men movie series, one each night!

Some evenings we would go into the town, a typical pretty french place with cobbled streets and market stalls, I would buy them Italian ice creams as we wandered about, looking in the pretty shops etc…

So you see, I couldn’t have children of my own, but fate put me in the path of these wonderful people, who so very generously let me take part in their children’s lives, now those children are all grown up but I still see them very often and they call me their second Mum, how lucky am I !

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32 thoughts on “A Wonderful Twist Of Fate.

  1. Another great post, I must comment on this one as well. I read, always, and this morning I read a section of my book relating to the sadness of not having children. We also have no children together. However, God has blessed me with a happy life full of other joys. I have not had to deal with that deep sadness, and for that I am grateful. Lilly Eve, it brought me joy to read the happiness you experienced in your life! 🤗💙

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  2. Such a lovely heartwarming story with such enriching earthly experience as a good soul that you share! I was smiling and a bit teary eyed as I read your account of those times. Then Meredith made me cry outright, since I too have no children but had several dogs over the last 25 years and they were definitely my kids. Each one passing was torture for me. I would do it all again, I was and am still truly alive, because of my having gone through the tough stuff with all of the joy and love they gave to me. I had to talk to a priest I know after the passing of one of those dogs the first one I had, and said like Meredith in a way; how I have to believe that I will be with that beautiful innocent being my best friend again, in Heaven; and he said with a big smile, “what is dog spelled backwards,” then continued saying, “remember with God anything is possible.” I was so relieved again after that conversation and now I do still plan on seeing them again. All of this is only happening and possible because of an infinite, humanly inconceivable perfect love, because God is always showing us as we live these lives that He is there and fully aware of every little detail about us and wants nothing but the best for us, and all we need do is believe!
    God Bless You and Yours.

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  3. What a wonderful story! We’ve been married 36 years and no children, but we play a part in our nieces and nephews lives and have influence in our circle of family and friends. You really made a difference in those girls’ lives – how great!

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