My Amazing Friend

I have a very dear friend of many years, almost thirty I would say.  Last night she called me, I was making dinner, a stir fry, so I asked if I could call her back afterwards and checked it was nothing urgent (she has breast cancer and is on oral chemo tablets) she said it was just about meeting for lunch and no hurry.  After dinner I called her back, she told me that last week she suffered a heart attack, caused by the medication she was on, she was rushed to hospital and a stent was put in to clear the blockage.  I was so shocked, I just couldn’t believe it.  She didn’t even know she had suffered a heart attack until the paramedic told her, she thought she had a bit of a winter bug!.  She assured me she was doing well and although she could not drive for a month, she was staying with her Mum, who is currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer also.

I did tell her off for saying it wasn’t urgent when she called and informed her that I would definitely have turned off the stir fry, she just laughed.  She is a totally amazing and upbeat person, despite all she has been through in the last few years and she is only fifty years old.

I must admit I had been a little out of sorts this week, this news made me realise how very lucky I am, I do count my blessings every day and rightly so.  But I always say a little prayer every night for my friend and her Mum, so I was a bit cross when I looked out at the stars last night before bed, I told them off for not listening to me.

There are some really awful people in this world, we live next to one of them (see my blog on Vile Vera) but nothing ever seems to happen to them, but my lovely, kind and sweet natured, happy friend has all this to deal with and she NEVER complains, she keeps positive ALL the time, last night she told me not to worry, she was going to be around a lot longer yet.

So when you look up at the stars in the sky tonight, please say a little prayer for her, she really deserves it.

Thank you my lovely readers. xxxx

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22 thoughts on “My Amazing Friend

    1. God will be with her. I do now pray as lost my sister who i loved well and my wife too fell but i grieve now not as i once did for we never die ever we just move into another room. If her time can be saved God will stand by her all the way. God is our forever and we can only ask. This world is what we know and fear beyond for we cannot know it but it is heaven non the less and why fear it. God be with us all and her time be not exhausted

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  1. God be with your friend Lilly. Both of you are blessed. Shall pray for her.
    I know for sure chemotherapy has huge side effects and there are alternative treatments available. But I understand US has strange health laws and systems. Are you from US?

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  2. Sending love and lots of prayers to your awesome friend..that inspite of what she have been through she still have this positive attitude. God bless her 😊🙏

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