Just A Bump In The Road

Yesterday I had a horrible day.  A misunderstanding at the office led both of my bosses to speak to me rudely and without respect, despite my apologies, one of them went on at me until she made me cry.  The problem was easily fixable, I fixed it.  But it wasn’t their unkindness or what they said that hurt so much, it was the way they made me feel.  I cried much of the evening over being treated so harshly.

I woke up this morning with a heavy head and for the first time in fourteen years, I didn’t want to come to work.  But I of course did come to work.  I felt miserable all morning, when the bosses came in they were super pleasant to me, I am assuming that might be their guilty consciences?

When I was out at lunchtime, I opened my car door and right there on the ground was a shiny penny, it looked like brand new, I picked it up and put it in my pocket, I decided it was a sign.  So I decided to also cheer up and try and feel better.  By the afternoon I did indeed feel a bit brighter, but I had to work at it.

I remembered years ago a friend advising me when I had a problem, she said ‘It’s just a bump in the road’, it seemed apt that I remembered it today.

So my lovely readers, if you have a bad day, and I sincerely hope you do not, remember tomorrow is new day, I can’t guarantee you will find a shiny penny, but I bet you will see a sign of some sort if you keep your eyes open!

Have a wonderful and blessed week xx

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59 thoughts on “Just A Bump In The Road

  1. So sorry to hear that you had an awful day yesterday. Puts things in perspective when you view it as only a bump in the road, helps to put it behind and move forward.
    Hope you do not have to experience that sort of day again.
    And I hope you have the best day today 😊.

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  2. Hi !
    Thanks for sharing. I hope that your bosses never again treat anyone with rudeness and disrespect. No one deserves that; I can identify with how you felt.
    Thanks for reminding us that tomorrow is always another day.
    I miss seeing pennies. Canada stopped minting them a few years ago.

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  3. It is a good thing that you are sensitive. It can sometimes make it worse when people cause you hurt, but it also is a gift because I assume you have empathy with the hurt of others. Our world needs more like you.

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  4. I can identify with this too having it twice in a row major, which left me in tears and panic attacks. It was certainly how they treated me and it had been going on for some time until management higher then them dealt with mine and otjer people’s issues in how we were treated, because it certainly just wasn’t me. There were many others.
    I don’t know how I managed to keep going to work. But I am so glad that place is behind me after a few yeaes of not being treated right, in the many years I had there.

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      1. I am much happier in my two jobs since that one. I even seen my old boss in passing and certainly made it known when she asked me if I was still working that I have never looked back since I left. Both employers treating me lovely and brilliant to work for. 😊

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  5. Yes i know about your horrid day.When attending my school in Shropshire long ago we boarded each term and one sod used to make me feel awful rather regular. My pal was a feckless as me and told me his way to get over it was to watch his eyes but picture him standing in his underpants only wagging h8is finger looking stupid.It made him smile which of course made the wager upset. it works I know as i adopted his way. The army as freshman was of interest as no one could understand how i could stand the roar of a particular bull faced drill pig. If he had know the trick it may have been the end for me .i passed out thankfully into Octu as it was called then officer college for six months,.incoming from university. It is track I still use in arguments, which I do try to avoid. Many thanks dear for comment on my blog makes it all worth while to me.

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  6. Many “people” managers would rather affix the blame, than fix the problem. They are short sighted and not good people managers. To berate your employees to the point of tears is the sign of a true brute. Glad you survived the encounter. Cheers.

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  7. It’s always horrible when you get treated unfairly at work. It doesn’t happen often – but when it does, I’ve started talking directly to the person involved as soon as poss to let them know how they made me feel.

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  8. How amazing it is having Internet as none of us would know eachother and that in it self is family like really. Rather how the world should be then no wars no strife as we all know eachother through this blogging .Mine is weekends published and thank you who read it so much as although never make a penny out of it its nice that people read my work . Means loads to me folks.

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  9. Hello Lilly, I’m terribly sorry to hear that you’ve been through this ordeal. No two days are the same. There are both good days and bad days at work. I agree that your bosses should have had the maturity and understanding not to shout at you, or any other employee for that matter to the point that they become emotionally vulnerable. But I’m glad to see your positivity shine through your post. We cry but we move on. It’s a learning and growing process for strong people. And you are strong, aren’t you?🙂

    Nice to connect with you! Take care! Hugs xx

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  10. What a beautiful & positive post. I am so sorry you were made to feel so horribly at work– no one deserves that & they were definitely feeling guilty as they were so pleasant to you the next day.♡

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  11. This is a beautiful post! Indeed as human beings we are prone to error but that doesn’t give anybody the right to be harsh that it leaves a hole in our hearts. I completely understand with what you went through but then look at you smiling through it! That requires so much courage and resilience.

    I am only discovering your blog! You have beautiful posts 🙂

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