Passing On A Lovely Message

Today, I dared to let myself dream,
That the world will one day open again.
That the locks will loosen, the walls will fall,
The doors will fly open and reunite us all.

I dared to imagine the warmth of a cuddle,
A group of my friends all locked in a huddle.
I felt all the heartbeats, drumming with mine,
I heard all the laughter, I tasted the wine.

I thought of the feelings I’ve missed for long,
The room full of music, united by song.
The freedom to roam, to plan and to meet
To hold someone’s hand, to meet, to greet.

Just for a moment I dared to dream of,
The flights I would board to the places I love.
The moment those eyes would meet mine at the gate,
The feeling of joy after so long a wait.

Today, I dared to let myself dream,
That the life we once had would happen again.
That we’d no longer fear the danger of air,
That our lives would not depend on such care.

They say that we mustn’t wish time away,
But it’s hard, my friend, when faced with a day,
So long in blank hours and so wiped of laughter,
It’s tempting to drift away to thereafter.

So yes, I dared to dream just a while,
Of life coming back, it brought me a smile.
One day I know, this will be in the past,
And hugs will be free, again, at last.

Donna Ashworth

Author of ‘To The Women’ and ‘History Will Remember’. 

17 thoughts on “Passing On A Lovely Message

      1. Time can not stand still in motion . Can man rely on such a potion . will it stop the wall of flu ,or just be needed just for you . If body needs no work why try to fix in dreaded berserk . Ask if needle saves another attack before you decide to remove the mack. What is the real purpose of this need a need in arm to make us bleed ,as to me what use it is cannot be explained when fit I am seen not racked with pain. If not able to stop the the lot why take the idiot off his pot. I dont mean cookery either for surly who demands this is born of drugges mind No mask and travel far behind

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      2. The lovely dream of heaven on earth the soft silent thought of peace. Thank you for reading my blog dear Lily hope you liked my take of a garden. England is a garden really. Nice poem today thank you.


  1. So glad you shared this, Lilly. Donna has artfully expressed our hearts and hopes. May we never again take for granted the extraordinary blessings of a “normal” day! But I also appreciate what “lisaonthebeach” said above: As we wait, find gratitude for where we are in the moment. Even during the isolation of a pandemic we can find things to thank God for. It’s a powerful way to lift the spirit.

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