Living In The Moment

Hello my friends. What a year 2020 was, everyone has there stories and so many are unhappy ones.

Today I realised that the biggest lesson last year taught me was to enjoy and embrace living in the moment each day, it’s all about enjoying the little things, after all we can’t change anything by worrying and it robs you of your peace of mind.

I find myself looking forward to the simplest of pleasures, it could be a homemade prawn wrap for lunch or getting home after work for that delightful vodka and tonic, whilst cooking a nice dinner for my Husband and deciding what to watch on TV that evening. Talking about how to make to most of a locked in weekend by planning something more special for dinner on Saturday night. Also, we have come back to our love of playing cards, we have a gin rummy competition going, playing for ten pence a game – it’s surprisingly addictive!, it reminded me that my Grandma taught me how to play cards when I was young, she was a very skilled card player and was in a card club with friends.

I, like all of you I’m sure, will be the happiest person when we have all had the vaccine and life returns to normal, vacations and going out to see friends, out for a meal etc.. and I count my blessings that neither of us (so far so good) have caught the damn virus and hope that the vaccine is hurriedly given to one and all.

Stay safe dear friends and be kind to yourselves, you deserve it.

5 thoughts on “Living In The Moment

  1. Indeed, crazy 2020, and so far not a great 2021.
    Enjoying the moment is definitely a good lesson to learn – hopefully we don’t forget it the moment that all gets back to normal. Also enjoy the simple things in life, such as playing cards. I love cards and board games.
    Wishing you a blessed 2021! ♥

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  2. Back in March of 2017 I started a journal entitled, “A Celebration of Small Things.” Each day I write down one thing I’m grateful for. Recent entries include a light snow, a new flavor of tea (Egyptian Licorice Mint–delicious!!), and a sweet video of our granddaughter saying (in her best angel voice), “I love you, Papa!” Gratitude to God for each gift–including the small ones–is a powerful spirit-lifter.

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