Time For A Bit Of Cheer!

As I have been driving around the neighbourhood, I have noticed in the last week or so, many people have their Christmas trees and decorations up already, so early I thought?

After thinking about it I came to the conclusion that after the year we have all had, everyone is just wanting a bit of cheer and something to look forward to. I have to say I have enjoyed seeing the pretty twinkling lights and good wishes in peoples windows. So today, at my office, I went into the storage and got out all the decorations and made a start on the tree. This year I positioned it in a window so it can be seen by people outside and inside, hoping it also brings cheer to others.

There is something about decorating a Christmas tree that can’t help but make you feel happy and grateful, although the sun was streaming through the window and it got so hot I had to put the A/C on ! I thought to myself that this is what it must feel like in California when they put their decorations up!

I’ll be putting my home tree up this weekend, I suspect an army of you will be doing the same!

Happy decorating my friends – enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Time For A Bit Of Cheer!

  1. A lot of us put up our outdoor decorations a while back – before it got too cold to be comfortably working outside. Then we can turn on the lights any time we want. Every year it saddens me how quickly people turn off the lights and take them down after Christmas. In such a dark and dreary month as January, I always thought some remaining brightness and cheer should still be welcome.

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  2. I clicked over to your “About” thinking it would tell me where you are, but it did not. And, yes, that is what we feel like putting up our tree. I was so hot yesterday. It was a warm day . . . and the Air Quality was finally nice so we opened the windows and I was so hot and sweaty going up and down the ladder. I wanted to get the lights on and didn’t have the patience to wait for help. It was hot work!

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  3. We’re actually scaling back this year. I’ve lost my motivation to pull out all the decorations since no family will be able to join us. (My husband is one of the vulnerable ones to Covid–we have to be extra careful.) BUT! We’ve put a lot of candles around (some are the battery-powered ones to cut down on paraffin pollution). Come evening, the KCHN/LR look very festive. There’s something about glowing LIGHT! Perhaps because it awakens our spirits to the Light of the world, Jesus (John 8:12)–even if we’re not aware.

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