Life Is So Fragile

It’s been a devastatingly awful week.  A dear friend of mine has a lovely 25 year old daughter, Jane.  Eight months ago she started going out with her first serious boyfriend Charles, a very nice young man of 30 years old, she was welcomed into their family, he was welcomed into hers and they recently moved in together and started talking about an engagement, which everyone was delighted about.

On Monday night of this week Jane was partially woken during the night by Charles crying out in his sleep, she thought he was just having a bad dream.  A few hours later when she woke up he was rasping and she couldn’t bring him round.  She immediately called the Emergency Services, who talked her through CPR,  when the Paramedics arrived it took and hour to stabilise him, the Air Ambulance helicopter was sent, but couldn’t land,  so the Paramedics transported him to the nearest landing site, but his heart arrested twice more on route and he wasn’t stable enough to be transferred into the helicopter.  He was taken to the Hospital and placed on life support.  Sadly he did not have any brain function due to being too long without oxygen, he passed away yesterday.  The Doctors believe he actually died in his sleep before Jane even started the CPR, so he would not have known anything about it, some cold comfort

Everybody has been in shocked disbelief that this could happen to a young, fit man, with no history of serious illness.

For me it has raised my awareness of ones mortality, the fear that we could just die in our sleep and life would just, simply, end.  It’s the feeling of sheer helplessness, no control over what may actually happen, it’s a black hole we should not look down into, no good comes of living in this grip of fear, but just for a while this week, many of us who knew Charles, have peeked over the edge of that hole.

Fly high Charles and keep an eye on us all down here.

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55 thoughts on “Life Is So Fragile

  1. the end here
    is not only
    a death
    but a separation
    of spirit from body
    sad to say
    come what may
    our day too will
    and remember
    to include
    us in your holy litany
    for the living
    a miracle
    a day will suffice!

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  2. So very sorry for your friend and her family. There is so much we do not understand in this life. I do know that God hears our every prayer, and cares about our every tear. Faith gives us the assurance that we do not have to know all things. We must trust God that in His great love and mercy, we can bear all things because He gives us strength. Your post reminds us that every day is a gift to be cherished…there are no ‘ordinary’ days. Every day matters!

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  3. This is unbelievable,at times i do pause to ask why did things happen the way they did….so many things we didn’t have an answer at some time could be mystery.

    May good God give the family of the departed and Jane the power to bear this lost.

    Life could be fragile indeed…

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  4. Oh my this is so sad . So devastating . Yes life is so fragile . How we take things for granted. How is his girlfriend doing? My heart is sadden for her and his family. A lesson o us all do not take nothing for granted. ❤️

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  5. Hi – I came here from Sylvia’s blog and wow – this is such sad news. It really shows you we do not know what a day may bring forth!
    Also – there is a Christian singer I know because when I taught art classes years ago – a lot of students liked his pop hit songs – well his last album made it to one of my playlists this summer – and then in later October we heard on the news his son (21 yrs) died. No official
    Report yet – but the into so 911 call was cardiac arrest – and your post reminded me of that!
    And how sad this happened to this fiancé too.
    Condolences to all

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  6. Thanks for this.
    What makes living every second of life in gratitude is death. I have no expiration date stamped on my butt. Yet there is one out there. Knowing that changes the way we see and treat ourselves and others. Thanks for sharing this.

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