Who Wants To Live Forever?

I have recently been spending time with the most wonderful 90 year old lady called Dorothy.  Her Husband of 70 years, Joe, who is aged 93 years has just gone into a nursing home, his body is failing, but his mind is reasonably good most of the time.

Dorothy is just amazing, I touch wood when I say this, but she takes no pills, is sharp as a tack, full of common sense and just the nicest person I have ever met.  I have tried to work out why she is such a fit and well 90 year old lady, and I believe, in her case, it is because she does not suffer from stress in any way, shape or form.  She is calm of mind and spirit and rationalises everything.  I told her yesterday that I hope to be like her when I am 90, if I am lucky enough to get there!.

In truth, she has been a bit of a slave to her demanding husband throughout their 70 years of married life, she has pandered to him and he has always had his own way.  The funniest thing is that just before Joe went into the nursing home, his family were concerned he was sleeping all day and complaining of being awake most of the night.  Upon investigation they discovered that Dorothy was afraid to forget to give him his medications, so decided to give him all of his pills with his breakfast, including his night time prescribed pain medication that contained a strong sedative! bless her heart! Once he was taken into care they took him off all of his medications to assess him and his health improved 100%.  We are definitely a nation of over prescribers I think!

Dorothy told me that up until a few months ago, Joe was still driving, I was mortified, especially when she added that she had to control the gear stick, handbrake and signals for him! Dorothy said to me ‘well if he kills me, he kills me, he’ll go to jail’, she was so matter of fact that I just had to laugh!.  After a minor mishap his Doctor finally assessed he was no longer fit to drive and took his licence away, phew!

Joe is equally humorous, I have been visiting him in the care home and he says the most hilarious things, When my Husband came with me, he asked him how much my Husband weighed! just randomly, out of the blue!  He told me yesterday he needed a blood transfusion, as he needed a top up! He also asked me how long it took to paint my toenails!

Sadly though, he also looked up at me as I was leaving and said ‘I don’t want to get old’.  My heart almost broke, I leaned down and gave him a peck on the cheek and told him, none of us do, but we have no choice.  Bless him, it is so sad to see older people when their bodies are failing, yet there mind is all there.

I reminded Joe that he must think about all the wonderful years he has spent with Dorothy, that so many people die young, without fulfilling their life’s ambitions.  He and Dorothy keep us regaled with stories of their travels, their youth, growing up in different times and a whole host of amazing tales, spanning over 75 years that they have been together.  I feel blessed to know them and so happy to spend time with them.

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68 thoughts on “Who Wants To Live Forever?

  1. Oh gosh 😂 I cannot get over the driving bit where she has to control the gear stick. They sound like such a sweet couple and it is so wonderful of you to take time out to spend with them.

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  2. ♡ I AM Immortal partly because I Spend a Lot of Linear Time in Solitude and Isolation EveryOne; while I Appreciate The Values of Relationships in The Light, as a Divorcee, I AM Acutely Aware of The Darkness that People Try to Hide in ThemSelves when in a Relationship, Darkness that Shows ItSelf AnyWay


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  3. I’m sure they have wonderful stories to tell. My uncle is in his early 90’s and after keeping an eye on him after my aunt passed away a few years ago and spends time with him, it has been lovely to hear stories about him and my aunt.

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  4. As I get older, I realize that our life on earth is only a “moment’ in time. I’m in my late 60’s now and have already had several health issues, but I praise God for each day that He leaves me here to be with my husband and grandchildren.

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  5. Thank you so much for this post! You’re a compassionate human being and the world needs more people like you!

    I feel quite taken by older people too! Brakes my heart too that the body seems to be failing, but the mind is still sharp wanting nothing more than to live and ‘explore’.

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  6. My mother is that age and is in excellent shape mentally and physically, still lives in her own home, but quit driving voluntarily at 87 after hip surgery. She has her painting hobby and art exhibits to keep her busy so she has something to live for, and loves to watch politics on TV. Sadly most of her friends are gone, but she has made new younger friends among the art community. I credit her longevity to a healthy farm lifestyle (and less stress), and good genes as my grandmother lived to be 96 and most of her siblings lived well into their 90’s. I doubt if I will live that long though, as I take after the Irish side of the family.

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  7. “Bless him, it is so sad to see older people when their bodies are failing, yet there mind is all there.”

    Hi Lilly Eve! My dad is 79 years old. It breaks my heart, knowing that he’s having a hard time moving around now after 2 major surgeries. He still wants to do a lot of stuff (travel, business, etc.), but he doesn’t have the energy to do all these anymore.

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  8. Oh so many people dont. Do you think it was Gods purpose for us to die? Living forever on earth is a real prospect and one i look forward to. Psalm 37:9-11

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