A Lovely Gesture

A few months ago, after wanting to do this for years, I planted flowers around the two road signs in front of my house.  I look after the new flower beds as if they were my own garden, hoeing, watering and replacing dead plants when necessary.  Quite a lot of the people passing by walking dogs etc. have said how nice it looks.  Today when I got home there was a pink envelope through my door, addressed to ‘The lady who looks after the flowers’.

Inside was a lovely Thank You card, which read:

Dear Number 1 (my house number)

I have just moved to the area and want to say thank you for looking after the entrance to our road and keeping it so lovely.  It makes me smile every time I drive by on my way home.

Thank you!

I can’t tell you how touched I felt to receive this anonymous card and kind words!  It really made my day, how nice that there are such thoughtful and pleasant people in this world.  I just wish I knew who sent it!  Perhaps I will find out one day!.

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31 thoughts on “A Lovely Gesture

  1. That was a lovely gesture. You must get enjoyment from tending that little patch of ground and it’s obviously giving other people pleasure. That’s nice. 💐

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  2. We hear so much negativity these days, but your post just goes to show that not everyone takes what others do for granted, but truly appreciates the effort and was watching closely enough to know who to thank. Your generous kind nature in prettying up the posts was is touching and it’s wonderful someone else noticed and appreciated in in turn.

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  3. That’s awesome . I’ve experienced something kind of similar. I dropped my,keys while hiking and noticed a letter on my car and realized I had lost my keys . The woman picked them up and dropped them off at the gym I go to . She noticed the planet fitness charm and took them there so nothing would happen to them. She left her number so I immediately called and thanked her for her help. It’s amazing how many good people there really are.

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