Need A New House? (Poem)

The Real Estate Lady is here is assist

She’ll find you a property you cannot resist

From uptown, to downtown, midtown and beach

Leave it to her to find you a peach

She’ll scour the countryside, no stone left unturned

A new house for you, her commission is earned

Her trusty advice is always on hand

Even if you want a home on the sand

On Sundays you’ll find her showing open houses

The doors are always open, even for browsers

She’ll work and strive to find your dream home

No order to big, the earth she will comb

And when the day comes you find your new shack

This wonderful lady will have proved the knack

Of knowing what’s right, what’s perfect and fine

Then she can relax with a well-earned glass of wine!


Image result for cartoon real estate lady


33 thoughts on “Need A New House? (Poem)

  1. I love the comment property porn–looking at houses or properties you really can’t touch. There is always the hope of someday….. Being a realtor is not all glam and big bucks–there are a lot of looky-loos.

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  2. This is great 🤗 I’ve been writing poetry since I was about 15 years old ( my punctuation is awful 😊) but I find it helps me in releasing feelings of sadness ( with mum having dementia) but I also write joyful poetry about my beautiful grandson Grayson too. I think it’s like a sort of therapy for me. Thank you for sharing lovely lady ❤️

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      1. Thank you for you lovely words. I looked after both my mum and stepdad for over 20 years. Unfortunately my mums health especially her dementia deteriorated and unfortunately for mums own safety I had to put her into a Residential Nursing & Care Home in 2016, then again sadly I found my stepdad had passed away at home on the 2nd January 2017. Like many people I’ve had a lot of health issues myself but I’ve always put family and friends first. Although I’ve had to slow down lately, I still make sure I visit my beautiful mum as often as I can although it’s heartbreaking to see I’m sure she knows it’s me and I give her hand massages, facials and lots of hugs 🤗 and tell her how much I love her. 💜💜💜

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