Lilly & Pierre’s California Adventure

When I was ten years old my parents took us to California on holiday.  I fell in love! Ever since then I have longed to return, but over the years I ended up spending time working in Florida, so I forgot how much I had loved California.  Last month my lovely Husband retired and I have suggested we take a dream trip next year.  Ideally I would like to fly to San Diego, then take some time travelling as far up as Santa Barbara.  I think three weeks would be nice, it’s along flight from the UK, eighteen hours, so I am now enjoying planning this adventure.  I’m really excited to be going back! I have been pouring over maps, looking at all the cute coastal places along the Pacific Coast Highway.  We don’t want a manic trip of a different town each day, we want to take our time at the beauty spots, my thinking is that we stay four nights per area, that way we can immerse a little in the culture and people.

I definitely want to go to La Jolla, Carmel, Big Sur, Malibu, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara.

So my lovely readers, perhaps you can give me tips, suggestions and ideas, for hotels, restaurants and anything you think I should know for our dream trip!

Thanking you in advance!

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Newport Beach

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La Jolla

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Santa Barbara

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34 thoughts on “Lilly & Pierre’s California Adventure

  1. Ok…first off…all the places you mention, big sir, etc are north of Santa Barbara. We drove la to San Fran a few years ago and it was amazing. Seriously most gorgeous place ever. I would consider la to San Fran as your route, or sf to la….I hear the pch driving south is better because you’re driving along the coast.

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      1. You totally can. North to south is supposed to be best way because you’re on coast itself…I’m not explaining it right, but north to south is best! Such gorgeous area!

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  2. I was enchanted by San Diego and La Jolla. Look for places to hike to truly enjoy the landscape. Walk beaches. Make your plans but be flexible. You have no idea what adventures you might discover along the way. Breathe deep and enjoy the planning. And savor the trip!

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  3. Big Sur is a must see on your trip and the Post Ranch Inn is a bucket list accommodation that you should look into. I’ve driven it both South to North and North to South. They are equally beautiful.

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  4. In San Diego, visit the USS Midway Carrier Museum downtown. Take the passenger ferry across to Coronado and visit the Hotel del Coronado. When you go to Monterey/Carmel, drive the 17 Mile drive, visit Point Lobos and continue on down to Big Sur. Ride the Cable Car in San Francisco and take the harbor cruise. At least ride the elevator to the Top of the Mark, if you have the time and the money, get a drink or eat a meal. I used to live in California and these were some of my favorite things to do. A day visit to Catalina Island is also fun.

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  5. Wonderful trip to plan Lilly. I traveled the Pacific Coast Highway back in 1979. Many memories come to mind: sand dunes in Oregon, seals off the coastline, California redwoods, Big Sur. I would enjoy making that trip again. Best wishes!

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  6. Have so much fun, I hope you make it! California has its charms for sure! I’m partial to Disneyland, and there are areas up north that are beautiful…but idk if those will fit into your plans. ☀️💕

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  7. Having traveled extensively within the old world never desired to see America at all. Not my sort of dream. I dare say some of it is lovely just somehow no appeal for me. Rome holds my soul Amalfi coast to Capri can not be beaten by anyplace less

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