My New Butler

My lovely Husband retired two weeks ago.  The reactions from my friends have been hilarious!  I have received stark warnings that vary from people being happy for him, after all he has worked hard all his life, he is 66 years old and his pensions are all sorted, to people telling me my life as I know it will be over!  I have a few friends with retired husbands, these are some of their stories, by way of a warning to me:

  1. A week after my Husband retired he took it upon himself to rearrange all my kitchen cupboards, he was delighted with his days work, I on the other hand couldn’t find a thing for weeks, you can imagine how pleased I was!
  2. My Husband now follows me all over the house, I’m lucky if I have time for a wee without him tracking me down.
  3. I mentioned I felt tired after a busy day at work, my Husband informed me ‘Well we are getting on you know’ ……… I am 53!  He’s lucky he’s not divorced, never mind retired.
  4. He’s always in the house, JUST ALWAYS!

I have to say so far I haven’t had a problem, although we are early on in this, I am still in my early fifties and enjoy my job, so I am not looking to retire yet by any means.  My Husband likes to go hiking, he plays golf, he’s happy to help me out around the house, in fact come next month he’s going to paint all the fences, so far so good! In the meantime I feel like I have gained a Butler! he has cleaned all the windows, cleaned the oven to such perfection it looks brand new, he vacuums the house twice a week, does all the ironing and cleans the shower.  I hope this lasts!

If you ladies have any funny stories about your Husband retiring, I would love to hear them!

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35 thoughts on “My New Butler

      1. Mind you one of the reasons we don’t seem to have as much time as we used to, having just finished a phone call to my bank where I asked for some copies of previous statements a week ago. It takes ages to get through the security to speak to them in the first place, then even longer explaining and finally not receiving what you asked for. Which then necessitates another follow up call, more security etc, until you finally lose the will to live. Once this would have been a simple quick call followed a couple of days later by the paperwork falling through your letter box. Ah well, that’s progress for you!

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      2. My worst lately – Thomas Cook, they have ignored a million emails and letters about me cancelling a holiday 4 months ago and now they are trying to charge me for the whole holiday! it’s a total con as they didn’t acknowledge my letters they think they can now invoice me, I know my rights and I cancelled before 90 days, but what a battle I am having!

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  1. No story but my mother gave me advice when I married. It is the best advice I ever got.”start out the way you intend to go on.” That said when my husband retired I continued to have times that I did my own things: lunch with friends, day out etc. I spend lots of quality time with my husband but he doesn’t expect me to be with him all the time.

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  2. You appear to have your better half well-trained. Mine’s not retired though he does spend a lot of time working from home. He doesn’t do much around the house, although he is Officer in Charge of Beverages. I’m just happy if he doesn’t make a mess.

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  3. Congratulations! My husband and I discuss this all the time, we are both in our early fifties but look forward to the day my husband can retire. He has 6 years left and will finish with almost 40 years of government service. We plan to travel.

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  4. Sounds like you have a great thing going Lilly, it is a blessing to have a man who is more than willing to do things around the house. I say enjoy, you probably deserve the extra help and attention! It sounds like you are both happy and blessed and that is what ultimately counts. Yea!

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  5. That’s relative to staying at home. Not all of us opted for that option. depends on where you live, the customs of living together, the compatibility of characters, in short, all this conditions the life of pensioners. Surely your followers will have a thousand and one anecdotes. It will be interesting to follow those stories.

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    1. I think there’s just an adjustment period.
      My husband is helpful too, not retired yet though.
      I have my moments with him but I remind myself to be good… I can’t live without him massaging my feet, so i remember to count my blessings. 😂

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