The Ungrateful People

I just read a post by one of my favourite bloggers, myboyfriendisinIndia, about giving and I had a few thoughts.   I, myself, love to be kind, I would never dream of going to anyone’s home for a meal or drinks without taking something.  I make homemade breads, and my closest friends have their favourites, so I like to be thoughtful and take some to them.  I love to give flowers, I love even more to send flowers (special occasions!) and when friends have sent me them I have really loved it!.

But what about the ungrateful people?  And sometimes it can be the very people you least expect!  A couple of weeks ago a lady I have worked with for many years and get on very well with, was complaining about the state of her finger nails, I told her about a product I have used for years called ‘Nail Magic’, its quite pricey, but really excellent, at home that evening I noticed that I had a spare bottle, so I gave her it the next day, she barely even thanked me, I couldn’t believe it! Honestly, I would have been absolutely thrilled if someone gave me a bottle of it!

When we stay at my dearest and oldest friends house for the weekend, I take flowers, chocolates, wine etc…  there is no excitement from her for them, when they visit us I make a genuine effort to show how grateful I am for the lovely things she brings, I want her to know how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Many folks say people never surprise them anymore, frankly people shock the crap out of me all the time! However I have always loved giving and being kind, I won’t change, there are of course people who are grateful and appreciative in my life, maybe that is why the others stand out so much!

Wishing you all good thoughts, kindness and blessings, all highly under-rated!

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23 thoughts on “The Ungrateful People

  1. What is wrong with people? A simple thank you, and acknowledgement that they appreciate what you’ve done, no matter how small a gesture would be nice. I had a friend who owned a dance/party hall and a couple of years ago there was a story in the news here locally about another party hall that had closed and had taken off with a lot of peoples money for their events. One in particular was a fourteen year old girl and her family who had paid about $7,000 for her upcoming Quincenera, or fifteen birthday celebration. Her dad came out on the news saying how sad his daughter was over not being able to celebrate and how they had struggled to pay for the event. My friend and his sister VOLUNTEERED all their services which included the venue, music, decoration and catering for this girl and her family. The event came and went, he said that they must have invited more people than they had originally planned because they ran out of everything. Mind you this was for free, at his expense because he felt bad for this little girl. He said NOT ONCE did the family EVER go and thank him, NOT ONCE! His sister said that the family knew who they were and never spoke to them, never sent a thank you card or acknowledged the good deed done by my friend his sister. This good deed cost him $12,000 not to mention clean up and money out of his pocket for such a huge gesture and for this girls family to be so blatantly ungrateful of what he had done for these strangers! He told me that saying, “no good deed goes unpunished” is so true.

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  2. Good post. 🙂

    If I may though, SOME (but certainly not all) of those people may be suffering from difficult pasts. I fall into that category. I have a hard time saying thank you because my parents and so many others held anything they did for me over my head. Genuine acts of kindness short circuit some people; they just don’t know how to react.

    The more introverted they are, the more likely this MIGHT be the case.

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  3. I certainly appreciate you!!!!!!

    I was raised like you as well. Sadly though, there are way too many people today who do not appreciate anything or anyone. I wish i could say avoid them all, bus they there are too many to avoid. Just keep being the wonderful,giving, loving person you are. It’s there problem, not yours. You are a rare gem that shine brightly my friend. Don;t stop shining that light.

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  4. This reminds me of a friend. Her birthday is on Christmas day and every year for 40 years I have sent her a birthday and Christmas card. One year she looked at me and said why do you do that just write happy birthday on my Christmas card like everybody else does. I said because I’m not like everybody else….I still send it. Wow I couldn’t believe she said that.

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  5. A little graciousness and appreciation goes a long way. Unfortunately, civility and gratitude seems to be a dwindling commodity when we are out and about. I guess the lady with the nail product is either just clueless or she believes herself entitled. Just keep smiling and don’t change…people like you make this world a better place!

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  6. Flowers are my fave gifts, either to give or to receive, just like you. I like nail magic too and I know its a great product that I finished recently. Sorry to hear about this person. Must be very miserable to recognize the blessings around her. You are amazing and the world needs more people like you

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  7. Coming from a European background but born in Australia, I always have and still do bring wine and chocolates (or a dessert), if I’m going to someone’s place for dinner. If it’s a quick visit, I still bring something and would be mortified going to someone’s place empty handed.

    My partner’s mother on the other hand, won’t even lift a finger to make you a cup of tea when you visit her in her home – even when she knows you’ve had a long-haul flight from Australia to the UK! She never dreams of taking anything to her daughter’s place even when invited around for Christmas lunch, which typically is a feast until the evening – not even a bottle of wine or flowers. I just can’t get my head around the selfishness of some people…

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

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