The Miracle Baby

When I was 18 years old I got my first ‘proper’ job working as a check-in agent at our local international airport.  I made many friends but one of my special ones was Colleen.  She was and is a truly lovely person, we had a great deal in common and used to socialise regularly together.  Eventually she met a guy, they got married and moved away with his job.  We lost touch over the years, I heard that her marriage hadn’t worked out, and that she had a Son, later I heard she moved back to the area, but I had changed jobs several times and lived abroad at times, so many years went by.  Two years ago she found me on social media and unbelievably, three days later we bumped into each other at the local mall! It was crazy, she said she had tried to find me for years but didn’t know my married name, after that we met up for lunch regularly and it was so nice to have her back in my life.   She told me all about her Son Christopher, who was 25 years old, he was somewhat of a miracle baby, when she fell pregnant she was told at her second scan that all of his organs were the wrong way round and his heart was on the outside of his chest, she was advised to terminate the pregnancy as the baby would not survive the birth.  She was devastated, she wrestled with her conscience, and being a Catholic she could not agree to a termination.  So she carried him to 8 months and then had a caesarian section, again she was told he wouldn’t survive the night, but he did, night after night.  She named him Christopher because of her religious beliefs, after Christ, she had no idea how long he would live.

He had a great deal of surgeries in his first 2 years of life and eventually was able to live a normal life with limitations.  He became a school teacher and eventually taught in Dubai.  He met a lovely girl and they got engaged just before Christmas.

I recently learned that sometime last summer he was diagnosed with Cancer, My friend Colleen had been very hard to get hold of, which now made sense, but later last year she promised to meet me for a coffee and catch up.  I gleaned snippets of information from a mutual friend about Christopher’s diagnosis and I could understand why Colleen had gone off the grid.

Yesterday I sadly learned that this amazing and special young man passed away on the 9th January.  He was Colleens whole world, her words, I’m not sure how she will go on.

Please think positive thoughts, prayers and wishes for her strength.

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18 thoughts on “The Miracle Baby

  1. How sad, however, he made a huge impact in this world by teaching children. He will have forever impacted their lives like all of our wonderful teachers. I can’t even begin to imagine what your friend is going through and I wouldn’t wish the loss of a child on anyone!

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