Currently On Ice

Above is a picture of my garden last summer, it was an amazing summer, the entire UK was bathed in hot sunshine for three months, that hasn’t happened in many years.  We BBQed every weekend, sat outside at every opportunity and I relished my little garden looking so pretty, if I say so myself (It’s hard work but I love it!) Of course it didn’t rain so my water bill is now huge from sprinklers and watering everything, but it was SO worth it!

But now the mornings are so dark, putting my makeup on is like painting a portrait with a blindfold on! And don’t start me about the long dark nights, I know they are allegedly starting to pull out now, but isn’t January the most depressing month! No wonder the papers are full of celebs on tropical beaches, frankly who can blame them! If you could you would and it’s no good begrudging them.

I am now starting to daydream about the smell of cut grass and which flowers I will plant in May, I just love being outside in the warm weather, but I am like a hermit in the winter!

Not to wish my life away by any means, but quietly wishing on stars that we have another gorgeous summer!

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