Best Kept Secret … Ever!

Happy New Year my lovely followers! Sorry that I’ve been away so long, but I got an amazing Christmas Surprise!  My wonderful husband Pierre surprised me on Christmas Day with one last present he ‘found’ under the tree! I opened what seemed like a calendar and it was actually boarding cards! to go away for New Year on a beach holiday! Wowzer!!!!

He had been secretly planning it for 6 months! He quietly told all our good friends and said that whatever I invited them to over New Year, just go along with it, but don’t turn up!  He contacted my boss in secret and secured me a week off, he booked our favourite hotel and managed to keep me from suspecting anything at all!!! Unbelievable!

Pierre told me afterwards that it got more and more difficult to keep it quiet, and when I started bringing loads of food shopping in just before Christmas, he was cringing! he kept secretly checking the labels to see if would go in the freezer !!!  Well it did, I packed in two hours on Boxing day and we jetted off the next morning!

Totally the best kept secret ever and the best husband anybody could wish for.

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18 thoughts on “Best Kept Secret … Ever!

  1. Wow!!!!!! Well done, Mr Lilly Eve! That’s so lovely and I can just imagine you carrying in lots of food and inviting people not suspecting a thing. If I were your hubby it would have got me the giggles big time, that’s so funny! It’s hard to keep quiet so he did very well!

    I took Mr Anna to Paris for his birthday last year and had to keep it quiet for nearly four months. Amazingly I managed it but then THE WEEK BEFORE I had a slip of the tongue when he was trying to get it out of me – I was telling him that where we were going the food would be amazing because “you can’t go wrong with the French”!!!!! How infuriating after managing to keep schtum for so long!

    Good to have you back and to hear you had an amazing time!


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