Pure Fear

Last night I recalled a memory that I hadn’t thought about in a long time, but one that I will never forget as long as I live.  It was the one and only time I have been overwhelmed by a feeling of pure fear.

Twenty or so years ago, when I lived in South Miami, I used to join the early morning park walkers, if I was up in time from a late night in the restaurant.  This one particular day I knew my walking friends would be long gone and at their jobs, but I fancied my walk anyway.  It was around 11am, a typical beautiful Florida sunny day and the park was only a five minutes walk from my house, so off I went.  The park was totally deserted, surprisingly not even Mums and babies in pushchairs, not a soul around.  The walking circuit was around the perimeter, a nice even pathway, mostly very open, but two or three places where you would walk through trees, but not in any kind of darkness.  As I walked around the circuit, suddenly I had the most terrible feeling come over me, I don’t think I can explain it well enough to do it justice, and this feeling was pure fear, and it grew inside me rapidly.  I speeded up, still not a soul around, no strange noises, no cracking twigs, no footsteps behind me, nothing at all to explain this utter terror wrapping its claws around me.  I started to jog, then run and didn’t slow down until I left the park and was on the road home.  It took me a couple of hours to calm down fully.

To this day I cannot explain why I felt this way, all these years later I can vividly remember how I felt.  This has never happened to me since, it was without explanation, unfounded and made me think perhaps I was going mad.  But that day I felt something evil and that something really terrifying was going to happen to me.

I never returned to that park again.

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20 thoughts on “Pure Fear

  1. Gosh, I can just feel everything you’re describing. I wonder what was at the root of it! I can sometimes just be overcome by a feeling, really gripped by it. Not quite as severely as you describe by fear, but I can absolutely relate. It’s almost scarier that it appears to have come from nowhere, I sometimes wonder if by being near something/someone evil our subconscious/sixth sense can kick in. Brr! x

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  2. We lived in South Miami too. I had a moment like that once with three little kids in tow..it was sudden recognition of our complete vulnerability in a parking lot. I told my husband I didn’t feel safe anymore. We sold our home and moved to Key largo.

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      1. We moved to Miami from San Diego so it was quite a change for me. It’s such a naturally beautiful area, but ruined by people who give no thought to the lasting impact of decisions like having 4 gas stations at an intersection.. Unfortunately, the upper keys are succumbing to the same “Miami-excesses..”🙄

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  3. Have you ever experienced emotions before or since that can only be described as intuitive (if not akin to paranormal)? Have you, perhaps, run into an old friend you had recently been thinking about, or answered the phone to someone you were in the act of calling? If so, you are quite possibly hyper-intuitive. I’m happy you listened to your intuition that day in the park. I always listen to mine even when it doesn’t seem to be making any sense. It often knows more than I do.

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  4. Hi Lilly,
    I cannot imagine the awful feeling you felt that day, but I totally believe it was your intuition and guardian angels alerting you of danger. I am glad you heard and got out of there.
    I want to wish you a blessed 2019 full of beautiful surprises! 🙂

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  5. I think intuition is our ultimate guide to safety – so glad you paid attention and reacted to it. Who knows who was lurking around but thank goodness you sensed an evil or dangerous intent and responded to it but how awful to go through that!

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