Eulogy – Delivered!

Yesterday was my dear friends Fathers funeral.  As I wrote previously, I was asked to do the eulogy.  So many of you lovely people gave me wonderful advice and support, which I can’t thank you enough for.  I practised my speech and was as prepared as I could be, despite just getting over a nasty flu bug (You couldn’t make it up!).  What was totally unexpected was the amount of people that turned up, I could not believe it, they just kept coming.  My husband Pierre said afterwards that there must have been 150 people there, it was standing room only! My first eulogy as well!  The minister offered for me to speak first, which I did.  I honestly couldn’t judge how I did, but I felt it was ok.  Afterwards I had so many compliments and so many hugs and thanks you’s from the family, so I think I managed it.  Pierre said I was excellent and he is used to public speaking and lecturing, so that was a comfort.  All I remember is my legs shaking and when I sat down afterwards Pierre said he could feel me trembling, but my voice and been calm when I spoke.  I was so happy to be able to help my friend and her family, who I have known since I was 14 years old, they are like my family and truly wonderful people, it was an honour to be there for them.

I am not taking requests for the future dear readers, lets hope word doesn’t get around I can pull off eulogies to large crowds!

Thank you all for all your lovely support.  xx

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