Do You Know Your Own Strength?

You think you do, but I promise you , you don’t.  Not until something terrible happens.  I always imagined I would be a jibbering wreck, unable to function, if I ever lost my Mum.  But when she passed away I didn’t cry for the longest time, not properly.  I was able to help with all the funeral arrangements, all the paperwork, legal issues etc..  I was told that at the funeral I was composed and dignified, which would have made my Mum so proud.  I was able to talk calmly and with kindness to all her many friends that attended her wake.  It was only a couple of years later that I realised I had dealt with things far better than I could have ever imagined, this only happens when you come out of the other side of grief.  I could not have come through the first year without my lovely Husband Pierre’s support, he was amazing, always listened, looked after me when I cried, when I ranted, when I was quiet, he adored my Mum and she him, so her loss was hard on him also.  It’s only when you look back, when you have come through the misery, the depression and the utter sense of loss, that you realise you had far more strength than you would have ever dreamed of.  So to all of you in that dark place, mourning or grieving, please know, you will be fine, you will get through it and you will come out the other side a stronger and wiser person.

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36 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Own Strength?

  1. Absolutely I do ❤
    I am made of steel. & I am not a person to be trifled with.

    I learned both of those in the past 6 years. Yikes!

    Its so true, you may think you're weak or incapable. And you may have weak moments but you have everything you need, inside of you.

    I would never wish harm on anyone but I sure would wish them the wisdom and grace that comes from growing through a crisis.

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  2. A very truthful post. Only when you look back at the worst times in your life – if you have a willingness to accept them – can you see that those were the times where, even if to nobody else, you proved to yourself what you are capable of. It is easy to write this of course but damn hard when you are living through it I know! Nice post and nice reminder 🙂

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